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Ideas Co., Ltd. is a venture company located in Gwangju Metropolitan City's Advanced R&D Zone and 443 (Gwangju R&D Zone No. 64) research institute. It manufactures and sells its own products based on design and technology R&D. Ideas Inc. aims to create innovative and creative products in the field of product design development, and is also dedicated to prototyping and product R&D. In order to create the best products based on your ideas and vision, we try to experience what you think and what you think and explore new technology and design trends through product research and development to provide you with a better product. Through active collaboration and open communication with customers, Ideas Co., Ltd. strives to ensure that the final product meets the needs of customers and markets, and pursues continuous development and growth by keeping an eye on the latest technology and design trends. With a technical understanding of the product and a creative design of its core value, we are committed to mass production and provide customized services that meet customer needs. Based on numerous product development and mass production experiences with various customers, we carry out optimization projects for the successful commercialization of product development from product planning to product design, instrument design, prototype production, and injection mass production.

Development Process

Step 1. Product planning: :
Identify market trends and customer needs to plan optimal value products

Step 2. Design development :
Design development equipment that combines product design as well as visual design expertise and knowledge of molds to create intuitive ideas through 2D & 3D modeling and rendering considering materials and unit price

Step 3. Instrument design :
Research and development of high-quality instrument design through assembly review and detailed structural analysis

Step 4. Prototyping :
CNC injection and surface post-processing paint finish for quality woodworking like actual products for assembly and functional implementation review

Based on the diverse experience of differentiated design and technology development of industrial design companies, we develop competitive products that can reach the market quickly through the one-stop development process.